What is the Invisible Friends NFT collection?

Invisible Friends is an NFT project by digital artist Markus Magnus, part of the Random Characters (RCC) creative team. The collections by RCC contain pictures of digital NFT images of various unusual characters, each of which has its own unique story. Random Characters has previously released such successful collections of NFT pictures as SlimHoods and Mood Rollers, which allowed many investors to capitalize on NFT art.

Invisible Friends NFT Guide: What Is It?

The Invisible Friends collection, as the name suggests, is a collection of NFT animations (gif images) of invisible characters doing various things and dressed up depending on their activity. It can be, for example, a scientist, a basketball player, a surfer, a sorcerer, a thief, a fisherman, and anyone else you could imagine.

Since the collection is animated images, the characters are in constant motion. The characters are drawn quite interestingly, and with attention to detail.

Why the collection is so unique?

The collection is very popular among users and investors, and has already gained about 500 thousand followers on Twitter. Also, Invisible Friends has a fairly active Discord community with >300K followers actively discussing the project, creating fan art, suggesting new ideas, etc. A total of 5,000 animated images of Invisible Friends are planned to be released. Mint Price is 0.25 ETH.

Invisible Friends NFT Guide: What Is It?

Shortly after launch, NFT Invisible Friends will be available for purchase on OpenSea. It should be noted that many investors managed to make good money on NFT projects of similar scale. The purchase price for such projects as Karafuru, Azuki, Tasty Bones was about 0.1-0.2 ETH. The sale price ranged from 2 to 5 ETH. The average yield on such projects ranges from 500% to 1000%.

Kith for Invisible Friends

Kith, a New York-based fashion brand, has announced the launch of a joint NFT project with Invisible Friends. This collaboration was planned with the aim of bringing together contemporary fashion and digital art, as well as digital and physical space. The collection will have a small circulation, which will provide an opportunity to get a single access to exclusive items.

Kith Friends 12 in total, 9 of which are 1/1 and 3 large editions, all dressed in exclusive Kith product. Nine 1/1s will be publicly auctioned on Opensea within 24 hours. Each friend will wear their own unique outfit inspired by the aesthetics of Kith stores. In addition, the winners of this auction will be given away the entire physical wardrobe of Invisible Friends.

Invisible Friends NFT Guide: What Is It?

The first launch is scheduled for May 18th. All proceeds will be donated to Kings Against Violence, a non-profit organization dedicated to interpersonal violence.

The remaining eight 1/1 launches are scheduled for the next day. The three larger editions of Kith Friends will only be available to Invisible Friends holders. These friends will also be wearing Kith products. All 3 editions will have different colors, products and sizes. Several times a year, these major editions of Kith Friends will be updated, changing attributes and products.

The Rarest NFTs in The Invisible Friend NFT Collection

The rarest invisible art in the collection is NFT #1125 and will sell for 200 ETH. It depicts a piece of chalk walking in the rain through a crime scene. In addition, there are three more ultra-rare NFTs in the collection (#2165, #4672, #1001), which were immediately sold out for 110 ETH

Invisible Friends NFT Guide: What Is It?

How to buy Invisible Friends

At the moment, you cannot buy Invisible Friends on the main market, but it is quite possible to find them on the secondary market. You can even find it on the popular Opensea or Looker, but keep in mind that it won't be cheap. Now the price is 5.29 ETH, which is just over $12,000.This is not much compared to the original price, which was 12 ETH and later dropped to 5-7 Ether. Despite being half the size of many of its peer generative NFT project, the collection collected about 41 thousand ETH in the secondary market, which pushed it into the top 50 NFT collections.

Future for Markus Magnusson's NFT collection

Despite the decline in the oil market, the Invisible Friends collection remains relevant and in demand. Markus Magnusson even recently announced a partnership with Streetwear Kith, which will bring even more profit to the holders. And a bunch of other updates to this year's roadmap, like programming in NFT NYC, a holder wrap mechanism, and access to 3D versions of NFTs and physical toys.

Invisible Friends NFT Guide: What Is It?