Illuvium is an NFT Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) built on the Ethereum blockchain. A full release of the game is also scheduled for 2022.

The player finds yourself in a world inhabited by fantastic creatures - illuvials (illuvials). Iluyuvials are in-game NFT items. You have to hunt and tame these creatures in order to explore the world of Illuvium with their help, and fight other players. In addition, you can make good money on these NFT characters.

Illuvium - blockchain game

To capture an illuvial, the player must defeat the creature in battle. Further, if the player won, he has a chance to tame the illuvial. The likelihood that a player will be able to tame and take a certain creature into their collection depends on both the level of the player and the level of the illuvial that the player wants to tame. In this aspect, the gameplay of Illuvium is a lot like Pokemon.

Illuvials tamed by the player will fight by their side in future battles. Accordingly, the more extensive and advanced collection of creatures a player has, the more advanced opponents he can fight. You can move around the game world and explore previously unexplored lands inhabited by new creatures. Thus, players gradually explore the Illuvium universe deeper and deeper.

Illuvium - blockchain game

So far, about 100 types of illuvial creatures are supposed to exist in the game world of Illuvium. Illuvials can belong to one of 5 elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Plant), and 5 classes (Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion, Empath).

Iluyuvials can be upgraded and crossed, getting new creatures with unique characteristics. The developers also promise thoughtful combat mechanics, where the player can fully unlock the potential of their creatures through well-chosen combat tactics.

The game is divided into two main segments:

  1. Search and capture of Illuviums, of which there is a huge variety in the game;
  2. And also, upgrade your captured Illuviums in PVP (player VS player) battles according to the Preset Battle system (where your task is to position the Illuvium units). That is, you make a competent arrangement in your opinion, and this will be followed by an automatic launch of the battle, where creatures fight team against team.
Illuvium - blockchain game

You can start playing the game absolutely free of charge, having access to the starting location. At this zero location, you have the opportunity to take possession of Illuviums of level "0". Access to locations from "1" to "5" is paid.

However, having developed your “0” Illuvium, from that starting location, you have the opportunity to sell it, and for this earned money, open yourself access to the location of the level “from 1 to 5”. Or, at this stage, you can already withdraw this money to your wallet, withdraw it and buy yourself a shawarma, or something more serious like a PlayStation.

Illuvium - blockchain game

Illuvium developers show graphics quite advanced for NFT games, provided by the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. In addition to an interesting plot and good graphics, the developers have provided a whole range of options for how a player can earn money on this NFT game. The main way to make money in Illuvium is to catch and sell illuvials on the IlluviumDEX gaming marketplace. Also, players can buy, sell and speculate with various types of equipment and valuable resources.

All transactions are carried out using the in-game ILV token, which, traditionally for NFT games, is a full-fledged cryptocurrency. Players also receive ILV for winning certain types of battles against other players.

The developers also talk about the possibility of buying and selling in-game lands. In addition, Illuvium has the ability to stake ILV tokens with fairly flexible conditions and the possibility of earning up to 330% per year