Hugo Fournier is French art director and 3D artist based in Paris. He like using colors in visuals. Hugo manages creative direction and produce any kind of motion graphic content, still-life imagery to improve your image branding.  Hugo Fournier's are full of curvaceous, tactile, surreal, and fascinating ideas to put into practice in projects, or not.

In addition to the constructions, Fournier works mainly with abstract and unconventional approaches to landscapes and structures. For him, it's important to keep multiple artistic activities and to increasingly improve the use of 3D tools, as he told us in this exclusive chat.

Fournier shows that his choice of materials and shapes follows a major concept. "In general, first, I create objects and furniture in my scenes to do a little story-telling and then to enhance the composition." And leather pieces with real textures are everywhere.

©Hugo Fournier, NFT,

The "BlueBerry House" is a futuristic seaside resort located on an unknown planet. The look of the architecture is made to mix perfectly with the environment around.

©Hugo Fournier, NFT,

"Sunning Apocalypse" is a (very) short personal full CGI film about collapse and self destruction. The goal was to create the perfect balance between serenity and chaos.

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