If we want to sell any product, we must write - WTS (want to sell). We make our proposal short and to the point:

We write WTS. Which product we want to sell for example, WL - BAYC We write the price in dollars, or we write "ur price". We write that we sell it with or without a proxy. (if needed) We write that the account has 1 ip. (if needed) Be sure to write - Escrow only. This means that the transaction will be conducted through a guarantor. We write feedback - either your nickname or "Dm me". In other respects, that's all, the screenshot provides an example of how a post should be designed.

2 WL on one account
Price: 150$

How to trade safely on OTC for beginners. 

How not to stumble upon a scammers?

In order not to scam, you need to know how a scammer thinks and what types they are.

Types of scam
A deal without a guarantor - a person writes to you and says that he is the most honest person in the world and has never lied in his life, trying to get into your confidence as much as possible. In the end, you agree and being deceived

Scam on WhiteList - in some projects, if you burn a screen to the admins that someone is selling WL on Ots, then you will get ow. This is what scammers play on, they ask you to send a screen or video that the account belongs to you. Then he sends this screen to the admin, you get banned and he gets WL. Therefore, do not show your nickname, if it requires confirmation, then ask the guarantor to confirm that WL is present.

These scammers simply knock out a discount for themselves by demonstrating their intelligence. They are as dumb as possible and do everything wrong, then they ask for compensation, allegedly it’s not he who messes up, but the guarantor or you. These can be seen from afar and I immediately send them to hell.

How to trade safely on OTC for beginners. 

To buy, we must write - WTB (want to buy). We draw up our offer in the same way as a sale only with a purchase.

All country
3-5 acc
28$ per 1
Verify by my link

How to trade safely on OTC for beginners. 

Safety regulations. Now let's move on to security, CHECK EVERYTHING YOU SEE.

Basic Rules:
Choose a well-known OTS. Use the guarantor of a well-known OTS, and not some public with 10 subscribers. Check Usermane and write to the guarantor yourself, with the question "Am I doing a deal with you now?" - he must answer yes.

It is also worth checking the date when a person put this avatar, if 10 minutes ago is a scam. Here is an example of a real account and a scammer, only the arrangement of the letters is different and it is hardly noticeable.

List of OTC fields.
I want to say that a good OTS should have certain qualities, such as: it should have been created a long time ago - from about six months.

  • Details and rules of the UTS do not change, you can see the details in the rules or in the description of the site.
  • Do not forget about the reviews, it is even better to write to some and check if they are cheated.