Before we get started, let's take a quick look at how 90% of projects are built.

  1. Creation of Twitter and start marketing, trying to get into twitter recommendations, recruiting the first audience through promo posts, sometimes ads and collaborations with influencers An influencer is essentially a blogger, in our case, a crypto blogger who writes about his thoughts, reviews projects, makes selections, giveaways, and so on.
  2. Opening Discord.
  3. Posting content on the discord, interacting with the audience, talking about plans, utilities, and keeping active.
  4. 1-2 weeks before the mint, the most active stage of marketing begins + supply release, price, date and time of the mint.
  5. Mint, exit to the secondary at OpenSea
  6. Further, everything is as varied as possible and depends on the developers:

6.1 They can begin to implement the plans that are written in the roadmap.
6.2 Give up on the project. This information gives us an understanding of how projects are arranged, now let's try to figure out how to find and evaluate them:

First you need to subscribe to a large number of influencers and projects in order for twitter to issue recommendations.

We go into subscriptions and subscribe to the same, there will be both SOL and ETH projects / influencers, but we will also need SOL in the future. There is one more working and easy scheme.

  1. Go to OpenSea
  2. Find the list of currently popular collections
  3. Click on the collection, there will be links to twitter.
  4. Subscribe to 30-30 and that's enough.

Make sure! Do not make many subscriptions at once, especially if the account is new, it is better to make 10-15 subscriptions in 3-4 days, otherwise the account may fly off. Now we just sit and scroll through the feed on Twitter, looking for projects (we will also upload standing ones in our channel)

Let's say you found a project, how to evaluate it? I'm talking about the main points:

  • A large number of influencers and collections subscribed to the project. (for this you also need to subscribe to accounts to see intersections)
  • Is there any interesting information about the founders of the project? Let's say this collection is from the creators of another successful project, then 100% you need to fly in.

!Pay attention to the design and art, if they are of high quality and at the same time there is a good asset - this is worth attention.

  • If Discord is open, then you should rate it and subscribe, then we will look for information in it.

Great, you have found a project with a good asset and maybe even hype, what to do next?

Get WL(WhiteList) or participate in the Premint raffle (raffle). WL get in Discord. He will give us the opportunity to mint in the future.

How to do it?

We go to the discord server of the project we need, communicate in the general chat for 1-2 days and send fan art to the appropriate channel (usually called #fan-art), make a small description of your art about how you like the project and wait feedback from admins.