It's no secret that one of the most important things to do before launching your NFT collection is to build an audience. There are several ways to find an audience and Twitter is one of the best tools for this.

This is the most popular platform to promote yourself and your NFT collection. Where to start? To get started, put an avatar and write the minimum information about yourself in the biography. Who are you and where are you from? Are you an artist, 3D artist or maybe a musician? Let people know who you are before they start scrolling through your feed.

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?

Subscriptions, likes, retweets
After you've written about yourself next, what you should do when you start Twitter is to start following, liking, retweeting and commenting on other artists. How to look for them? By hashtags #NFT #NFTatr #NFTdrop etc. This is a great way to express yourself. Be sincere, write comments from the heart and others will be interested in you and your profile.

But be careful, following others too actively and a huge number of likes for everyone in a row can lead to your account being blocked and it will be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to return it.

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?

I try not to subscribe to more than 10-20 people a day, and then with a break, that is, 5 people, another 5 in an hour, and so on. Also, in the process of searching for an audience, you may come across posts like: “Ready to buy your NFTs”, “share your NFTs”. You may well respond, maybe you're lucky.

Participate in audio rooms
This is a great way to find like-minded people, ask questions or learn something new. For starters, you can just be a listener. When you feel the strength to talk about your project (for this, audio rooms are most often created), throw a request to become a leader and communicate! So you will start to flicker in the circles of artists and collectors, you will be recognized even more, you will make friends and expand your community, which will give you good support and sales in the future.

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?

In audio rooms, you can share a link to your posts. This opportunity is given to those who act as a speaker. In order to become a speaker, click on the microphone in the audio room and the admin will give you the right to speak and share your work for everyone in the room. There are also rules here, if you speak, you can share a link to your work.

Set hashtags!
Hashtags work 100% on Twitter! Just put them at the end of each of your posts. These hashtags work really well.

#NFTCommunity #PolygonNFT #NFTProjects #NFTs #OpenSeaNFT #NFT #NFTshills #NFTdrop #NFTdrops #nftcollector #nftcollectors #NFTartists

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?

You can use others, see what other artists use, don't be afraid to experiment

#nfts #nft #nftart #nftcommunity #nftcollector #nftartist #crypto #digitalart #cryptoart #art #ethereum #opensea #nftcollectors #blockchain #nftdrop #cryptocurrency #nftcollectibles #bitcoin #openseanft #nftcollection #cryptoartist #nftartists #eth #nftartgallery #artist #metaverse #nftartwork #artwork #d #artoftheday

Don't get fooled by "promoters"

Almost immediately promoters can start to write to you in private messages who like your project so much and they really want to help you promote it for only $50/$80/$1000… It's all a scam. At least, you will get 5-10 new subscribers, and at worst, you will be left with nothing at all. Real promoters will not write to you. Yes, there are accounts that make advertising posts, you need to look for them and write to them.

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?

Giveaways and collaborations

Contact other artists and offer to collaborate with your work. You can get very interesting collaborations and new subscribers from both sides.

Giveaway is also a great thing and very raises reach. However, do not rush as soon as you register to conduct draws. Wait for now, save up 200-300 subscribers, otherwise the effect of the draw may not be at all what you expected.

For example, I did 2 draws. The first when there were 150 subscribers and the second when there were 500. In the first case, 8 people participated in the draw, then in the second there were already about 40. Accordingly, there were more subscribers.

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?

How to run a giveaway? In fact, the conditions can be anything, but usually you need to expose your work, write that you are holding a Giveaway, ask to follow your account, like + retweet and tag a friend (or several). And be sure to include an end date. Most often it is 1-2 days. On the day of the draw, I used the service

Buy works by other artists

Yes it is a great way to make friends with other artists and get their support and more importantly subscribers in the future. After all, when you buy a work from an artist, he will definitely write about it on Twitter and tag you. In turn, you should also write about what a cool work you bought. Thus, you promote each other and in a day you can get a good increase in subscribers and the loyalty of other artists.

How to promote your NFT collection on Twitter?