Making money on WhiteLists

Making money on Whitelists is a fairly promising niche with a low entry threshold, where you can earn money both without investments and with investments. Investing in NFTs is the same investment as in the stock market and in the cryptocurrency market. You buy a product and you want to see the price for it more than what was originally invested.

There are only a few principles of buying here: buy at the mint stage, buy at the pre-sale stage, buy at the market after the drop. Usually everyone is eager to buy at the stage of mint drops, since the developers of the project set the minimum price for NFT, and all those who bought it expect X's. But the problem is that good projects have too high demand and sometimes a soldier out is so fast that you simply do not have time to click on the Mint button.

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

The ideal option is a pre-sale, where users from the whitelist most often end up. At the same time, your task is to actively monitor the market, look for promising drops and be more active in order to get into the whitelist. With these actions, you guarantee yourself a 100% purchase of NFT and in the future you will be able to sell it more expensively. Also, if you work with a small bank, you can sell your place on the whitelist, which will allow you to earn money from it.

The secondary market is very costly, but already more understandable. If the project quickly sold out, the mint stage was stable, and after the drop we see a high interaction between developers and the audience, then we can consider acquiring their NFT on a long-term basis. The reason for the purchase will be the listed parts and the roadmap of the project. Since each drop has its own target, once the targets are met, the price of their NFTs should skyrocket.

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

NFT Networks

The main difference is in the functionality, load, transaction speed, data processing and support for a particular technology. For example, not all marketplaces support NFTs, here are the main ones: Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain. Below we will analyze the features, pros and cons of each network.

Ethereum is the market leader

This network is considered the leader in the NFT market. Inside Ethereum, the largest sales of tens of millions of dollars per image take place, all top and recognizable collections are focused, and large brands (Pepsi, Nike, Adidas and others) take part in the auction. The network is quite reliable, rarely subject to any problems or attacks.

The main market for buying and selling is - the largest platform with billions of turnovers in the NFT world.

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

The main disadvantage of Ethereum is the huge fees for literally every action, but let's take a closer look at this mechanic. When you go to a drop site to mint NFT, anyone is faced with a fee that increases based on demand. If you see that the transaction on the network does not go through for a very long time (this can be seen in the wallet window), there is a risk of not getting your NFT, but giving money for gas, so you have to independently increase the cost of the commission in order to get into priority. So on the most hype projects, you may encounter the fact that NFT costs $200, and gas will cost you $500-700 on top.

This mechanic seems complicated to many, and not everyone can bear such costs, as they are afraid not to pay off in the future. As for the commission on the network, they really are for everything. If you want to list your NFT for sale - pay a fee, if you want to connect a wallet - pay a fee, if you want to remove your NFT from sale - pay a fee, if you want to buy NFT on the secondary market - pay a fee. For all these reasons, Ethereum is called the "network for the rich" and it's true. Even with such serious cons, Ethereum is the first NFT-enabled network hosting all the best collections. The richest people on our planet, media personalities and top corporations choose it.

Solana Network

The second most popular NFT network is Solana. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for commissions, $1 is enough for hundreds and thousands of transactions. The standard price for drops is 0.2โ€“1 SOL. Anything above should have a very strong product and team. For buying and sell NFTs on this network, we need to install a wallet. I recommend Phantom wallet, it's a browser extension. You can convert SOL to USDC/USDT inside your wallet if you want to avoid volatility. Before any drop, you can convert back to the right amount of SOL. The swap fee is less than 1 cent. Sometimes there are so-called Stealth Drops when the sale of NFTs takes place.

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

Sometimes so-called Stealth Drops are carried out, when the sale of NFTs takes place without an announcement. To find such I use There you can see which NFTs are minting right now. If I am looking for something to buy on credit or I want to trade on the secondary market, I first of all look at what collections are gaining momentum. For this I use They show the growth of gender and the number of audience.

Marketplaces where you can sell your NFTs:

To search for NFT drops:

Binance NFT

Until recently, it was possible to mint NFT on Binance only with the help of bots. Now they have changed the system and made a kind of lottery. It works like this:

  1. Preparation. At this stage, users will need to hold a certain amount of BNB, which is set by the creator of the NFT collection. I recommend keeping at least 1 BNB in spot balance at all times.
  2. Subscription. If you held the required number of coins - you can go to the page of the seed and click "get tickets". The more of them, the more chances you have. Lottery.
  3. Calculation. If one or more of your tickets turned out to be winning, you can buy NFT, the rest will simply be refunded.

To sell NFTs, use the built-in marketplace:

Services required for work:








Save all passwords and passphrases, preferably copying them to paper, if you lose them, you will lose your account forever, be careful!

Next, drop analytics. The first thing you should pay attention to is the activity and the number of the audience. The main platforms where it looks are Discord and Twitter. If you see a twitter with less than 10k audience - 90%, that the project is weak and should be skipped. Accounts with 10k are the standard minimum, starting from this figure, the project can be further considered. If the audience is above 25k, and it is not cheated, this is something very powerful. How to understand if the audience is wound up?

It's simple, we look at the number of likes, comments and reposts, if there is more than 10% of the total number - that's good. After that, we check the discord - if people constantly communicate and online is at least 15-20% of the total number - everything is super. An ideal example is the CryptoBatz drop, where when you enter the chat you will see that the messages just fly one after the other. To check Twitter use


If it's just a picture, it's unlikely that the drop will be an X, simply because 99% of the buyers will be flippers. If the project has any product (P2E game, swap, metaverse, etc.) - this is a plus.


With the exception of the TOP collection, circulation of 5k or more - 99% skip. Adequate circulation is now considered 1111-3333. It will most likely trade positively on the secondary market if the audience of the project is 10k+.

Not an anonymous team

This is a moot point, as even anonymous teams can develop cannon drops. However, if the team left links to their LinkedIn or other social networks, the chance of ragpool is much less.


This is a subjective part, but everyone is able to distinguish an expensive site from a cheap one. As for the art itself - if you buy it for your collection, then of course pay attention to it, if you want to make money on it - forget it.

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

Analyzing of projects

For example, there is a project, immediately go to Twitter:

We have 776 subscribers - it is clear that the project will not shoot, but itโ€™s already more interesting, they have 13.8 thousand on Twitter, 4000 participants in the discord, an active chat. At the same time, the audience is clean. Let's go to Discord. We roam the channel. We do not find a chat for communication, we do not find the rules for obtaining a whitelist, only a presale - this is not particularly interesting. But before we do this, we turn off the ability to write to PM so that there is no spam. No activity chats - we skip the project. Remember that we need an active discord, the opportunity to get a whitelist (or at least participate in the presale) and an active audience (so that there is someone to resell it).

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

Next, We see this project: Twitter 13.9k - it could have been more, but in general everything is ok. But in the discord there is an active audience - in that one for 2000 people there were 40 online and not a single chat. This is how we sort through project after project - the work is very monotonous.

We go further. Here is an example of a project where there is clearly information on how to get a whitelist: There is also a roadmap - and we can immediately understand why NFTs are needed. For the NFT for the sake of the NFT is not okay.

Here we have 3 conditions: be active in the chat, tweet and invite 15 people. This is basically the standard. Making a tweet is easy. Here, I think, we will leave without comment. Invite 15 people - here, in fact, everything is just as simple. Because you can just start multiacci or buy them in discord (multiaccounts guide will be next).

How to Make a Quick money on Whitelists

Discord does not deal with multi-accs at all: no proxies or anything else is needed. With activity, everything is a little more difficult: it is best to make a bot that will be active, to order, but this is if you understand that you are really interested in a niche. Ideally, if the bot will print and delete messages immediately, so that users do not notice the meaninglessness and cannot complain about you.

The whitelist is usually sent to you via Discord or by email. After you received it - keep in mind that the acc in the discord will most likely also leave along with the whitelist.

NEVER send a buyer a screenshot of your discord to confirm that you received the VL, he can leak this information to the admins and the VL will be taken from you, be careful.

Having correctly analyzed projects for activity, you can make a good profit on WhiteLists, I assure you that even a beginner can handle it.