NFT-token (non-fungible token) is a unique digital certificate that is stored in the blockchain, guarantees the originality of the item and gives exclusive rights to it. This concept came from the world of cryptocurrency. Non-fungible tokens cannot be imperceptibly replaced, divided, replaced. The system is suitable for securing rights to a unique object - a work of art, real estate, an artifact in a computer game.

NFT collections mainly exist on the BSC, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana networks. But for making money, collections are more popular precisely in the Ethereum and Solana networks.

How to get WhiteList in NFT projects

How can you make money on NFTs?
Many projects, before putting up for sale their collection, hold closed sales for a certain circle of people. In order to make money in NFT, you will mostly need discord, because. most projects have them and there you can try to get into the WhiteList of the project.

A little background: In early 2021, as NFTs started to take off, there was an insane influx of people trying to create NFTs at project launch. This rush caused people to try to mint their NFTs as soon as the project opened its contract. And in order to try and get their NFTs before they were sold, people increased the upper limit of the gas they were willing to pay - this led to sky-high fees, which further bothered people. Over time, people got tired of such commissions, and by the end of 2021, projects began to introduce WhiteList into their projects.

What does WhiteList give?
WhiteList is the process of obtaining a crypto wallet address pre-approved for a future NFT mint. Those. if you managed to get into the WhiteList, then you can mint NFT at a lower price than it will be on the public sale.

How to get WhiteList in NFT projects

How can I get into the WhiteList?
In order to get into the WhiteList you need to find a discord project to start. You must be an active participant in the project, i.e. be active in the discord of the project so that the developers notice you. To do this, you can - participate in the project's conversation, draw art, make memes, participate in project quizzes, invite friends to the project, etc.

But the most effective option is art. If you yourself do not know how to create them, then you can order from people who are ready for this. Some projects may have certain conditions. For example, invite a certain number of people through your link and reach a certain level of activity in discord. You can also find out more about this on discord.

If you are too lazy to be active in discord all the time, you can buy WhiteList on OTC or hire people for this for a fee (you can find them on OTC). Also, projects often hold WhiteList draws. You can also try your luck by participating in them. If you win can save your time or money.

How to make money on it?
You can mint NFT with WL and then resell it during the public sale for a higher price. Also, you can sell your account from WhiteList to OTC, but be careful, because there is a lot of scam. ⠀

How to get WhiteList in NFT projects

OTC - over-the-counter market. In them you can find accounts with WL, order art, find people to knock out WL for you, ready-made accounts for social. networks, etc. We must not forget about scam, because. there are a lot of scammers out there. Therefore, I always advise you to use the services of guarantors (you can find them in the OTC descriptions) for a certain commission. But before you break into discord and start beating WhiteList, you need to study the project. ⠀

What to pay attention to?
First study the idea of the project: what does it offer, is it going to develop in the future, which team is behind the project (i.e. participated in the development of projects early, did the project succeed or did it fail), what supply (number of tokens). Project networks - pay attention to the number of subscribers and activity on the part of participants and developers. f this is just a collection of pictures, then it is unlikely that you will be able to make money on it. And also do not forget that there are also scam projects that can simply drive bots into their projects.