At the moment, the gaming segment occupies a large part of the NFT market and collects a lot of attention around it. At the moment, the coins of one of the most popular games, Axie Infinity, are worth about $55, and the market capitalization is about $4.2 billion. Such statistics are enough to start playing and earn money or even create your own blockchain game.

The game itself is partly owned and run by the players, which makes it a true community initiative that is much more attractive than regular developer games. Players can earn in-game AXS tokens, which can then be used to trade in the game's internal marketplace.

The whole concept is based on “Play-to-Earn” technology and revolves around creatures called oxy who “love to fight, build and hunt for treasure.” Players can collect oxy and deploy them to players who are constantly improving and expanding, or exchange game tokens, or simply sell them.

How to Create your Own Blockchain Game?

Come up with your NFT blockchain game idea

The first thing you need to do is come up with an idea for your future game. Of course, inheritance is the best way to skill, but there is a big difference between imitation and outright plagiarism. The main thing is to draw inspiration from other games, but come up with something of your own, unique.

After creating an idea. Answer the basic questions about your game: How would you describe the game to someone who has never played before or even heard of it? What makes your game unique and why should players play it and not any other game from your competitors?

What the game will be about: your central concept could be a ninja or pirate game where players can build armies and trade soldiers with each other. The game itself can be built around a hundred year war to determine the winner.

How to Create your Own Blockchain Game?

Game universe: in the same way, when an author writes a novel or creates a movie, you need to invent the world where the game events will take place. This may be our world or a slightly different version. And, perhaps, this is a completely new world, inhabited by mythical creatures and fantastic races.

Who will be your characters: No world is complete without the characters that live in it. Yes, you can give your players the flexibility to create and play any characters they can imagine. But you still need to spend some time thinking about major characters, minor characters, and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) - that they can interact with.

Create a creative team

Your next step is to start building a game development team. The classic team includes a screenwriter who can describe the world, characters, and work out the storyline. You will also need to spend some time looking for an NFT artist who can create the required visuals.

Typically, your NFT artist and your writer will work closely with the artist who draws characters, games, and other objects that you can use to create the metaverse. The writer then typically takes those visuals and creates names and descriptions for them, and puts them into a larger storyline that can be of interest and appeal to the players.

How to Create your Own Blockchain Game?

Depending on your own skills, capabilities, and willingness to be involved in the development of the game's details, you can also invite a creative director to your team. His job is to control all important processes, work out the overall vision of the game, as well as control the implementation of all important aspects, writers, artists, screenwriters.

Hire an NFT Blockchain Developer

Once you've created your creative team, you're ready to start technical work on a game project. To do this, you will need a developer, but a simple developer, but with experience in developing blockchain technology and NFTs. He will be able to help you find the right solutions and complete development on time and manage your budget.

How to Create your Own Blockchain Game?

Create a NFT Community

Building a community is a good idea for any product or service, but essential for NFT startups and blockchain games. Since the community itself gives them power and gives them all the opportunities, recognition and money.

There are many different ways to do this. Most NFT games use Discord servers, in part because it's a perennial favorite among the tech community. Consider starting your own Discord server and maybe even invite professional players to become moderators.

You can also use social media groups like Twitter, Instagram, and advertising and marketing to reach and connect with new people. This is a great opportunity to bring beta testers into your game to shape and test the game while it's in development.

How to Create your Own Blockchain Game?

Attract new investments

Finally, when everything else is done, you are ready to start creating new investments. It is likely that you had at least some initial investment to help you get started with the project, which is why we are now talking about a second or third round to continue growth and scale.

You can also expect to profit from pre-sales of the game, as well as through users who exchange local money for in-app currency. At the same time, you can't afford to rely on this alone, so the best option is to combine the purchases that users will make and external investments.

How to Create your Own Blockchain Game?


Now that you know how an average static blockchain game works, have an understanding of how to build it, and have a good team follow this example, you can put it into practice. If you go through each of the steps above, you will successfully start and complete most of the preparatory work on time.