NFT is a virtual currency, non-fungible digital assets, many consider NFT a new wave of hype and a total scam, but in reality this is absolutely not the case. NFT is good, these assets offer solutions to many of the problems we face in everyday life, and ultimately claim to become an indispensable part of our routine and lead to mass adoption.

Access Passes

For example, event passes, plane tickets, business meetings and other entertainment industries are already moving to the NFT system and are being massively introduced into the modern world. How is this superior to the current system? The main focus is security and transparency, which provides more reliable control over tickets, passes and membership. In the end, the entire process from purchase to verification and transfer will take place through smartphones.

For example The French club Paris Saint-German is selling tickets for their football matches in the form of NFT tokens. The price of ticket starts from $218.817, total 3 NFTs. It will be possible to get into the VIP-hall of the stadium and take pictures with the players of the football club.

Also, many major football clubs often face fraud and fake tickets. To solve this problem, it costs nothing to introduce tickets in the form of nft, where buyers can verify their authenticity in the blockchain and avoid fraud in the secondary markets.In addition, thanks to smart contracts, the club will be able to receive additional income from royalties in the amount of 2% from each sale.

How NFT Is Changing The World

Proof of presence

In simple words, these are diplomas, certificates, awards in the form of an NFT token, they are also called POAP tokens, this type of token confirms that you were a participant in an event or secure certain experience or achievements. Can also be used as proof of identity when entering private events.

Governance and voting

In many countries, voting is a corrupt and inefficient process. NFTs can help solve this problem as they will provide full digital identity through the blockchain. Even without physical documents in hand, you will be able to legally vote by leaving a recorded action. Having such an asset stored securely on the blockchain will provide transparency, reduce fraud, and serve as a verified base of recorded votes.

Now, thanks to the NFT, DAOS - decentralized autonomous organizations - are widely distributed, which in 2022 greatly simplified the area of ​​​​management. The DAO has no central authority; instead, power is distributed among token holders who collectively vote for a particular decision.

This will become the norm for project management, companies and even political parties, where the direction of the project will be determined by a collective decision. Looking to the future, governments may even be run like DAOs, becoming more decentralized, with power distributed among elected people.

How NFT Is Changing The World

Real estate

One of the biggest problems associated with real estate is the paperwork, permits and many other paperwork. How to simplify the process and speed it up twice? NFTs will help speed up the purchase or sale of physical property by directly transferring ownership in a single transaction. The real estate market will become more accessible, now you do not need to do a lot of paperwork or take out a loan to purchase a property.

Thanks to the NFT, several people can become owners of real estate at once. By dividing the cost by five, you get 5 NFTs worth of your investment. This way you are one of the owners and you don't have to buy the whole house yourself. In other words, it lowered the cost of entering the real estate market by making it more accessible to others. In addition, you can buy out NFT co-owners if you all agree.

How NFT Is Changing The World

Game and in-game assets

According to analysts, the gaming industry is currently the most profitable in the entire crypto universe. It is safe to say that the gaming sector will become the most profitable place in the next 10 years, and even more so with the introduction of the Metaverses. Thanks to the Play-to-Earn system, players can earn up to $1,500 regardless of location or other external circumstances.

Logistics and supply chain

Logistics is asset tracking, and blockchain is chain - the perfect match for a transparent and efficient supply chain. After all, we will live in a time where product data, tracking numbers, and logistics will be completely controlled by the blockchain. With NFT, companies can enter into smart contracts related to cargo and delivery services, resulting in a completely transparent and traceable record of every element in the supply chain, from raw materials to the end user. All this data will be needed to improve the productivity and efficiency of logistics and transportation on a global scale.

How NFT Is Changing The World

ID confirmation

At present, the processing of legal documents is slow, inefficient and in many cases very bureaucratic. In the near future, all this will not be needed as soon as NFT indicators become widely used. Once blockchain becomes the norm, intellectual property, passports, codes, trademarks, and patents will be linked to personal digital identities, making identification and transactions much easier.

How NFT Is Changing The World

Proof of Authenticity

One of the biggest challenges today is proving the authenticity of physical and digital assets. Major luxury brands will be able to implement blockchain technology in their supply chain.

Brands will be able to sell their digital proof of ownership products in the form of NFTs, and physical assets can be purchased in-store with crypto wallets, and receipts will be registered as NFTs.

All of the above aspects will greatly simplify and digitalize the work of various areas in the modern world. This is our irrevocable future in the WEB3 Universe. Now, at the initial stages, we recommend that you study and delve into the processes more, as well as take your place in this world, becoming a pioneer in the world of modern technologies.