Often personalized digital tokens may not catch on or be sold at a good price, no need to take care about it too much. The good news is that with the right tactics, you can make good profits. Learn how to sell your art, photos, videos, music, and game items as NFTs for the price you want.

First of all, you should think about what features make your NFT stand out.

  1. Uniqueness and originality - that’s basic

Although art is perceived subjectively, there is one quality that distinguishes great work

Art should be one of a kind. Plagiarism of work will not bring the profit that you plan to receive After ensuring that your work is original, the following points need to be kept in mind if you intend to monetize your NFT.

How expensive to sell your NFT

2. Create a deficit.

In any economic paradigm, scarcity drives demand growth. There are two approaches to increasing the perceived value of your asset by creating a fake scarcity:

Limit Available Quantity: there is a limited collection for any art series and it is not available to the general public

Creating Rarity Tiers: if you're new to the NFT business, you'll probably see many NFT creators tiering their work and limiting their supply as well. For some people, terms like rare, common, unique, ultra-rare, and exceptional define NFTs. But the most important of these is the rarity scale, as the scale increases, works of art become more and more valuable. The idea is to be creative when it comes to digital artwork.

How expensive to sell your NFT

3. Stick to one platform.

It is rare to make money by constantly switching from one marketplace to another in order to sell or mine your NFT. It's usually a good idea to put your work on the market where you can produce it at the lowest cost and sell it for the price you want. Look for platforms that will function as a massive cross-chain hub for all tokenized assets.

4. Social Media

After finding the optimal market for your asset, this step will allow you to target a specific audience or expand your reach. Use the hashtags #nfts, #nftcollectibles, #nftmarketplaces, and hashtags related to your artwork to promote it on Instagram, Twitter, and other similar platforms. Join to Discord communities where there is a lot of NFT focus. LinkedIn can also be used for advertising and promotion. By following these steps, you will increase your exposure, which in turn will increase your chances of selling your assets for the price you want.

How expensive to sell your NFT

Realize that how you display your work has a significant impact on what happens to it and its value. Investors are mainly interested in the artists as well as their work.

5. Create a personal brand, come up with new themes and be unique. Follow all these steps and watch the crowds of investors hover around your assets.