Grant Riven Yun is a digital artist who specializes in realistic and minimalist landscapes, evoking the 20th century American Regionalism movement with a 21st century spin. His artwork has been exhibited worldwide and many of his pieces have been purchased by collectors using NFTs. In addition, he has been a member of multiple breakdancing crews, talking several awards at prestigious competitions across the United States since 2014.

At UW-Madison,he majored in biochemistry and is now pursuing his medical doctorate at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he is conducting cancer research and has coauthored multiple publications

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From the “Space” series, “Space In Primary” is a compositional exploration of retrofuturism, science fiction, and midcentury modern through the use of primary colors. Additionally, the Ethereum logo within the yellow comms box highlights the monumental role NFTs have had in revolutionizing the art world.

©Grant Riven Yun, NFT,

A fictional San Francisco neighborhood. "California" is a collection of illustrations reimagining life in The Golden State. The fields of overgrown golden grass, the rolling hills, the beaches, the mountains, just about every part of this state has something unique to showcase.

Inspired by the vivid imagery of authors including my personal favorite, John Steinbeck, I have created this collection of art to pay homage to the beauty this state has to offer. A romanticism of California. A charming and simple interpretation of the place that helped raise me.

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