What is Veefriend?

Gary Vaynerchuk created the non-fungible tokens known as "Veyfriends." Through the project's Cryptocurrency Collectibles Project, users can get immediate access to the community and participate in the upcoming event, which is called "VeeCon." The event is focused on entrepreneurship, marketing, business, and innovation. The design of the tokens, which are represented by the NFTs, seems to represent the traits that he most admired.

The concept of the Gary Vee NFT Collection is based on the idea that having friends can lead to both success and happiness. It's a positive representation of what Gary considers to be "business with friends." The NFTs are divided into three levels, and each token has its own unique digital rarity. Access, gift, and admission tokens are the most common types of NFTs.

Gary Vee's NFTs: A Guide to VeeFriends 

The first collection of the project, which was released in 2021, has already sold around 49,000,160 ETH through OpenSea. Despite the initial success of the first collection, Gary still believes that the project is still in its early stages. In August, the community was able to see what he was referring to when he announced the Book Games and Mini Drops.

There are three categories of tokens:

Access tokens
One of the most interesting types of tokens in the collection is the access token, which allows users to interact with GaryVee directly. There are around 300 of these tokens in the collection, and they have various privileges and virtual access. The remaining 90 tokens give users personal privileges. The access tokens are divided into four different categories: individual, group, competitive, and exchange.

Gary Vee's NFTs: A Guide to VeeFriends 

Gift tokens
Gift tokens, in the collection of which 555 items, open gift privileges to holders, created personally by Gary Vee.

Admission tokens
The receive tokens, which are the most common type of tokens in the collection, are divided into two categories: basic and limited. These two tiers have different levels of digital rarity.

How can I purchase NTF VeeFriends?

After establishing a connection, users can easily find their desired tokens by clicking the "Buy" button at the top of the screen. The auctions tab will then appear at the top of the page, and users can search for all of the NFTs by their categories. A crash course about the different NFT categories can also be found in the section.

To purchase a copy of the most popular NFTs, a user will need to have an Ethereum Metamask wallet. In order to connect it to the website of the project, users will need to click the Connect button found in the top right corner.

After clicking the Buy Now button, the buyer will be taken to the checkout page, where they will see all of the details about the purchase, such as the auction price, the user's Metamask balance, and the token ID. The page will also show the status of the transaction, as well as a pop-up page that informs the user that the purchase is in progress.

Gary Vee's NFTs: A Guide to VeeFriends 

The Chrome extension for Metamask will also show a toast notification. In the wallet, users can now add a gas fee to their account, and it will appear in the form of a credit card. The gas prices displayed in this window can vary depending on the network used. Users can additionally click the "Confirm" button to continue with the transaction.

If a transaction is rejected or fails, users should wait for the page to reload. Doing so will prevent them from experiencing multiple gas-paying transactions.

Where can I buy VeeFriends NFT?

After the project's creation, users were able to purchase NFTs from the official website of the project. However, since the platform is no longer accepting crypto-collectibles, users can still purchase works of art through OpenSea, a peer-to-peer platform. Caution should be taken when using this type of platform as it can allow unauthorized buyers to take advantage of the project.

Gary Vee's NFTs: A Guide to VeeFriends 

Gary Vaynerchuk is a prominent figure in the community of crypto-collectibles. Since the project's inception, the number of people who have bought and sold NFTs has increased significantly. Currently, they are ranked 13th among all the best cryptocurrencies when it comes to collecting works of art. However, the project's number of transactions and users is significantly lower than other similar projects.


Through his extensive collection, Gary has been able to become one of the most successful individuals in the cryptocurrency world. He has also integrated a number of utilities into the project. While the world of utility-based cryptocurrencies is still in its early stages, the success of the project has provided a glimpse of what the future might look like.