What is Zoo Crypto World?

Zoo Crypto World is a GameFi project that's on the BiCS network. It allows players to earn money through the Pay-to-Earn system. There are various mechanics that allow users to earn money. The development of Zoo Crypto World started in 2021. During the third quarter of the year, an alpha version of the game was released, and it has the main mechanics.

The developers are planning on releasing new characters and modes in the game by the end of 2022.

How to play in ZOO Crypto World

Each day, a player gets three free tickets to the arena. He does not receive a reward, regardless of whether he wins or loses. If a player purchases multiple ZOO, then he will get a bonus entry and the opportunity for participating in the distribution of rewards. The keys are used to collect in-game currency, and they can be used to acquire new NFTs. Each day, a random amount of keys is generated, which can then be used to acquire a whole key.

The reward is calculated according to the number of participants and the success of the player in an arena. Each day, 900 whole keys are paid, and they are then divided into shares. 500 of these keys are given to players who buy tickets to an event, and they are used to burn currency. In addition, 450 keys are given to the top 200 players, and 50 of these are given to those who are ranked higher.

The player who has the most number of daily battle points and is able to redeem five additional tickets for 32 ZOO will receive 36 keys. On a weekly basis, there are 1,050 pieces that are raffled off. If you hold the lead in the weekly ranking and buy five tickets daily, you will receive an additional 126 keys. In the monthly draw, 504 keys are given. These are enough to almost guarantee a chance to receive an epic NFT-card.

PvP Mode

In the game's PvP mode, players battle against each other using various cards. Each of these has its own attributes and roles, and they can increase their stats over time. However, they must be balanced to ensure that they can perform well in a given role. Only legendary and epic cards can be pumped, and the rest of the level remains basic. A player can also get a team bonus by purchasing several cards at the same time, and they are all in a set of four pieces.

There are three epic and four legendary sets, and the last one has the same rarity as the others. The choice of which set the player chooses will result in him getting a team with the best characteristics of all cards. Each team has three cards, and they are divided into two groups. The attacking team deals damage to its opponent, while the defending team takes damage whenever it changes its direction. Since the battles are turn based, the attacking team can still deal damage to its enemy whenever it makes a move.

The outcome of the battle is determined based on the cards' characteristics, which means that the skill of the player does not affect the outcome. Only those with large investments can participate in the top leagues. The goal of this system is to ensure that the strongest card is awarded to the winner.

PvE Mode

The PvE mode is suitable for those who are new to the game and want to play against the boss. In this mode, the player must stand against the boss and deal damage to two monsters that appear in the arena every day. To get the full reward, the player must first join the two battles. The goal of this mode is to get the strongest card and deal the most damage to it. If the player prefers to start with minimal investment and develop a character in ZOO Crypto World, then he can easily achieve this.


The developers of ZOO Crypto World have revealed that the next major battle mode will be released in November 2022. It will allow players to participate in both PvE and PvPvW battles, and it will introduce new hero mechanics such as the skill tree, equipment, and talents. It will also allow them to organize regional and clan battles. According to the developers, this new mode will allow them to implement a new extreme mechanism that will change the economy of the game.

Heroes and their characteristics

Heroes in ZOO Crypto World are exclusively placed in NFT cards, which can be obtained from the market or from chests. There are five types of rare cards that can be found in the game, and these include junk, common, epic, rare, and legendary. The number of rewards and incentives that can be given to players based on their participation in in-game events is determined by the rarity of the cards.

All heroes in ZOO Crypto World are classified into 42 teams, and these can be obtained through mining and battles. The majority of these are chosen based on the specific characteristics of the characters. The cost of a card depends on its rarity and characteristics. For instance, if a player wants to buy a junk NFT, then it can cost less than a dollar. On the other hand, if a player wants to buy a legendary NFT, then it can cost more than three thousand. Aside from the characteristics of the card, other factors such as the mining craft and the stats of the opponent are also taken into account to determine the cost of the card.

Mining camp

In ZOO Crypto World, mining is carried out in the game's "miner's camp." The goal of this activity is to collect as many cards as possible. The first level of mining does not change, and the base stat of the card used in this process is determined by its rarity. The base score of junk, common, and rare cards is determined by their respective crafting stat.

The legendary and epic scores of these cards are unique and can be generated for each hero. The spread for legendary and epic cards ranges from 10 to 30 units. The size of the mining pool is determined by the hash rate of the system. Increasing the number of people extracting the currency at the same time results in a smaller share going to each individual.

Players who have the strongest mining skills can increase their ZOO. The developers of ZOO Crypto World claim that it is technically possible to achieve zero hash rate, but as they get closer to this mark, they might be able to release more tokens.

ZOO tokenomics

The ZOO token can be used in-game to purchase new cards. It can also be generated by mining in the game's farm and mining camp. The creators of ZOO Crypto World have estimated that 200 million cryptocurrencies have been issued so far. They plan to complete the development of the resource over the next five years.

During the first year of the project's existence, it is believed that users will generate around 60% of the total. The developers of ZOO Crypto World are currently evaluating the project's success after two years. They plan to make changes to the game's structure and operations depending on the changes in the value of the currency. In the event that the value of the currency drops, they will not pay any more money to strategic partners.

Over the past couple of months, the number of coins burned in ZOO Crypto World has increased significantly. To boost the project's income, the developers of the game released a new token known as xZOO. This type of investment is designed to provide long-term stability and can be used to fund other projects.

How can I make money?

The main factors that determine the earning opportunities in ZOO Crypto World are the number of people playing and the quality of the NFT cards that the players have in stock. The current ZOO rate will be used to calculate the potential earnings of players. For instance, if a person invests $600 in a rare card, then their daily mining income will be around $8. However, it will take around 8 to 12 weeks to earn money from pure mining. For cheap cards, the period of time that it takes to earn money from mining is increased by several times. In addition to mining, you can also invest in the game's farm and obtain keys that can increase the surplus. Unfortunately, it will take a long time before the currency goes to zero.

Forecast and development prospects

Although the game was launched recently, it has already attracted a large number of participants. For instance, around 35,000 people have joined the game's chat room and more than 14,000 people have joined the game's forum. Over 100,000 people have also joined the developers' Twitter account. Based on the number of people who have joined the GameFi project, this figure could be considered a success.

The price of the currency has also continued to decline since it was first launched. This could indicate that the developers are not confident in the project's potential. Instead, they are focusing on making money with minimal investment. This means that new players can join the project with a minimal amount of risk. However, if the trend continues, all of their investments will be depreciated. Although the game has already attracted a large number of players, it is still not yet feasible to predict the future success of the project. The developers of the game are expected to introduce new features and increase the number of players in the near future.