Fesq is a brazilian Art Director and 3D Artists known for being a self-taught professional specialized in the digital space.

His work often ranges in different perspectives, sometimes dealing with critic themes, like technological disruptiveness in distopic cenarios; or more sentimental topics exploring the intimate of human emotions.

A large sum of his work have a consistent and particular color pallete, based in a remarkable interaction with shades of red, blue and purple. This curious sinergy — which appeared totaly naturally in the begining — became a signature of the artist.

After working most for the music industry, Fesq chose to seek new challenges. In the middle of 2020, the artist decided to go deep in the NFTs market — which by that time was on it’s early days. Currently, Fesq has a solid base of collectors around the globe and he is focused in build up his personal projects while sharing his knowledge about NFTs.

©FESQ, NFT, https://foundation.app/@fesq

Split between two worlds, it feels conflicted. Both seem equally right, but time only allows one to prevail.

3D Animation by fesq

©FESQ, NFT, https://foundation.app/@fesq

You cannot suppress your feelings forever. At some point, they need to come out. Learn to embrace every type of emotion, being it good or bad.

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