Farm in the NFT world. What is it and how to make money on it? We answer these questions in today's article.

Farmers World is the first farming game in the Play-To-Earn genre. You can pick for yourself suitable tools, exploit various resources, buy land to build enormous farms, and enjoy the fascinating experiences of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem. The principle of the game is built on the passive extraction of tokens. In total there are 3 of them in the game: Wood (wood), Food (Food), Gold (Gold), each of them has its own use, for example, a tree for repairing tools, and food is an energy replenishment. In Farmers World NFT is a lot of different items, from tools to entire crop plantations.

Farmers World - blockchain game

Farmers World how to start playing?

To start the game you will need a Wax Wallet. After that, connect the wallet to the web version of the game. Next, you need to press the "Play-To-Earn" button and select any available server. Now it remains to purchase the initial tools necessary for the extraction of resources. They can be bought on the AtomicHub marketplace. Done, good luck mining! List of tools by the type of resource they mine:

Wood (FWW) - Axes, Saws or Chainsaws.
Food (FWF) - Fishing Rods, Fishing Net or Fishing Boat.
Gold (FWG) - Mining Excavator.

  • To obtain wood, you need to use an ax, a conventional or electric saw.
  • To get food tokens, a fishing boat, a fishing net or, at its simplest, a fishing rod is used.
  • A mining excavator is used to extract gold.

You can buy all these goods on the trading floor, or from other farmers.

Simple tips for the initial game

Here I have collected some tips that will help beginners at the start:

  1. Start with Axe(axe) and Fishing Rod(fishing rod). This advice is given by the developers. Indeed, this is an easy way to get into the game and its mechanics. With the help of an ax, you get a tree that goes to repair tools, and with a fishing rod - food that will restore your energy. Also, now you can start putting up the received resources for sale.
  2. Buy/craft new tools regularly. Since each item has a durability parameter, and if it is equal to 0, then it will be possible to repair it only with the help of gold, which is quite expensive for a beginner to mine. Therefore, it is easier to re-buy or craft cheap tools and continue to mine them.
  3. Get into the loop of the game. For a successful game, you need to understand what depends on what. And the circulation of tokens in the game is simple: tools and energy, resource extraction; resources, energy restoration and repair of mining tools; mining, earnings and buying more expensive tools.

Important clarification: Each tool has a cooldown of one hour after using it for resource extraction. During this cooldown, you cannot use items.

Farmers World - blockchain game

How to make money in Farmers World?
Farmers World is a game about passive mining of tokens on a farm. There are two main ways to earn money:

  1. Get resources. Get wood, food or gold to sell on the secondary marketplace. You can also exchange one resource for another using the "Exchange" option in the game, for example, wood for gold. You can also create Member Cards, which can also be put up for sale. Your earnings depend on the rarity of the tool, the higher the rarity, the stronger the tool and the more production. But, consequently, rarer items are much more expensive than ordinary ones.
  2. Breed animals and grow crops. For this you need seeds and plantations. Farm animals and food products can be sold on the secondary marketplace. There are Cows (cows), Chicken (chickens), Bulls (bulls), Corn (corn), Barley (barley) and much more. Resources from animals can also be exchanged using the "Exchange" function, for example, milk for barley.
Farmers World - blockchain game

The main character is a farmer who is a person working in the ecosystem. To start the game, he must have a tool. You also need to purchase land on which the farm will be built. At the initial stage, a fishing rod or an ax will be the best tool.

It is not necessary to wait all the time for the harvest to ripen. You can go to neighboring areas to fight other players or help them in their business. But farmers themselves must stand guard to protect their lands from intruders.

Those players who are active throughout the game can look forward to the following levels.

  • Bronze member - entry level.
  • The silver member is rare.
  • The gold member of the association is even rarer than the silver one.
  • Diamond Member - Epic.
Farmers World - blockchain game

Users put Farmers World high in the ranking of games on the blockchain, considering it one of the best. What matters in this game is how regularly you enter it, because it does not require your full concentration on the game process. This is a good option for those who want to receive a stable passive income without spending many hours of free time in the game.