Ethereum Towers apartments provide an excellent opportunity for NFT collectors to showcase their collection, participate in events, and meet friends in the metaverse. What's more, this vertical metaverse offers many ways to socialize and become part of a community of like-minded people. Apartment owners even have the ability to create premium events that only people with certain NFTs can participate in, for example. Or they can rent out their apartment to other users or organizations.

What rooms can be found in Ethereum Towers? Apartments in Ethereum Towers are divided into three types: standard, luxury and penthouses. Each type of apartment has different characteristics, allowing collectors to find exactly the space that suits them.

Ethereum Towers: create NFT galleries

About ninety percent of all apartments between the two towers are standard. Each tower has 1980 standard apartments. If we move on to large luxury apartments, there are only 198 of them in each tower. In addition, the area of \u200b\u200beach of the luxury apartments is approximately two and a half times larger than the standard ones.

Finally, there are the Penthouse Apartments. Each tower contains 16 Penthouse apartments, which can be arranged on two levels. Penthouses are the most premium and exclusive real estate in the virtual world of Ethereum Towers. What's more, Penthouse owners also get more options to personalize their apartments and can get either the coveted black NFT access key or a personalized one that includes their favorite NFTs.

Ethereum Towers: create NFT galleries

Several penthouses have already been sold for 25 ETH, while a standard apartment can be purchased for around 1 ETH. The type and location of an apartment determines its level of rarity.

Ethereum Towers is a vertical metaverse of 4,388 player-owned apartments. In the virtual world of Ethereum Towers, apartment owners can build as they please, creating space for social gatherings or NFT art galleries. NFT owners can fully customize the apartments, creating a cute metaverse apartment for themselves, a virtual meeting place, or a zen garden in which to retreat. It is important that each apartment gives the owner the opportunity to create a fully customizable space in the virtual world. Divide the area however you like or use the 3D builder to add elements and create the perfect metaverse apartment for you and your friends, colleagues or clients.