Today we will talk about what properties and features NFT project should have to achieve a success.

Image characteristics

  • It is desirable that the collection be in 3D - this allows you to use NFTs as avatars inside the metaverses and use them in various creative contests - shoot tiktok with characters and so on. Promo videos with 3D models also look much cooler than 2d characters.
3D collection
  • The collection should be one of the most difficult in terms of rarity. Rarity is the percentage of unique images. The more properties a character has, the better. Or there must be several characters in the collection. Obviously, the rarer the collection, the more time it takes to produce it. That is why most collections have only a small percentage of rare images, while 80% of the images in such collections are similar to each other and are not of great value. Information about the degree of rarity of the collection should be available on the project website.
Rarity of NFT tokens
  • The level of detail of the characters should exceed or be at the level of the top NFT collections.
  • The characters should evoke positive emotions among NFT collectors and ordinary people. If people, seeing the image, ask where to buy it - this is a good sign!


  • Community is not just the number of discord members and twitter followers. Maybe 50,000 members, but the community will be disgusting. Conversely, 1000 people can be a super cool community that can quickly grow dozens of times.
  • The chat community reflects the overall vibe. If people are interested in the project, the authors, the meanings, that's good. If the community is only interested in how to make 10x on resale, this will have a bad effect on the future of the project.
  • Team members should communicate with the community in discord/telegram Team participation in zoom calls with the community is also very welcome.
Discord community
  • The use of auto cheats, bots, etc. is not welcome. automation to increase the hyde around the project. It is better to try to create a natural growth of people's interest in the project.
  • If a well-known collector or celebrity becomes a part of the community, it's very cool!
  • Internal features of the community with references to the meanings of the project. for example, participants must choose which side they are on

Project idea, goals and values

  • Changing industry standards, giving to charity, creating something unique are good examples of the project's values.
  • It's cool when users of the collection get some additional features - for example, closed access to some content.
Distinctive features of a successful NFT project
  • It's good when the sale of the collection is only the first step towards the future development of the project. For example, next the project plans to create a game with characters, shoot a 3D series, implement its own metaverse, or release a project inside some other metaverse.


  • It used to be enough to use Twitter and discord, now it's not enough - you need to use other channels of communication with the audience. But third-party resources still use information about subscribers on Twitter and Discord to evaluate the project
NFT marketing
  • The key task of all channels of communication with users is to make them part of the community. Therefore, usually on any collection site, the first thing that is offered to the user, in order to simply get to the site, is to first join Discord. A plus would be the presence of instructions for new users on how to purchase NFTs if they have never had such an experience before

The project team

  • It is important that the project discloses information about the participants as much as possible. It's cool when the profiles of the founders are stylized as the characters of the project:
  • Expertise of team members is an extremely important aspect. If the artists of the project have worked on well-known projects of companies such as Pixar, Dreamworks, and have weight in the art community, all this is an absolute plus. The experience of the team participating in other Crypto projects - projects - will also be a plus. I will also include partnerships with other cool teams and projects
  • A plus will be the maintenance of social networks by team members using project content
Distinctive features of a successful NFT project