Through the NFT marketplace Portion, artists and authors can sell their works without the need for a broker or an auction house. There is no need for funds, connections, or other means to put up their work for sale. With the advent of high-speed technologies, people with creative backgrounds can now earn money from their works without having to work on other side jobs. is a project that aims to help photographers and artists sell their works.

Through a blockchain-based trading system, all financial issues are resolved, and all rights to the works are sold. This eliminates the possibility of unauthorized use and the sale of fakes. Only original works can be sold through the Portion marketplace.

Detailed Guide: NFT Marketplace Portion

How to buy NFTs

To purchase a NFT, go to the Portion marketplace's main page and click the "Buy" button. There, you'll see all the details about the author and the image. You can then make an offer to the seller by clicking the "Make an offer" button. Some of the products are sold for a fixed price, while others are bought with an exchange rate of PRT or ETH.

After completing the transaction, you become the owner of the original NFT, and all rights to the image are sold. The creator also loses his rights when the image is sold.

How to create your own NFT and sell it

The site is open, so anyone can put their work of art up for sale.

This requires the following:

1. On the main page, find the top plate with the menu, select Create on it.

2. In order to create a NFT, go to the window that appears and drag the image. There, you'll see a name and a description, as well as the number of available sizes.

3. Wait for the request to finish checking.

4. To confirm your cryptocurrency address, go to the My Collections section and click the "verify" button. All settlements will then be sent to the confirmed address.

5. After confirming the address that you're looking for, click the approve button. In order to save the NFT, go to the app that you're using and click the Apply button. You can then set the price in ETH in the list for sale section. If you want to confirm that you're able to accept PRT, go to the settings page and click the "Confirm" button.

Detailed Guide: NFT Marketplace Portion

Real value storage function via NFT

Besides digital images, the Portion marketplace also allows people to sell physical works of art. In the "Physical Art" section, you'll see various types of art, such as paintings and comics. Through its partnership with galleries and artists, the company ensures that the works are delivered to their intended buyers. If you're interested in buying a physical part of the product, you can add it to the description.

The Portion marketplace does not collect personal information about its users. In the event that a transaction involves multiple parties, the buyer and seller have the option of communicating with each other outside the site. This is because the platform does not collect data about its users. In the future, the system will allow for better ways of buying and selling real values.

PRT token, its application and tokenomics

The total capitalization of the PRT token is around 63 million US dollars. It's used to participate in the platform's decentralized governance. There are currently around 2.5 billion PRT tokens available, but they will not be sold on the Portion marketplace. Due to its regulatory and principles requirements, the company decided not to sell its token on the platform. The interactive chart below shows the current rate of PRT and its retrospective.

PRTs are distributed through the purchase of new art on the platform. They can be used to trade and create NFTs on the Portion marketplace. Additionally, they can be used to earn royalties and vote on the platform's future.

Detailed Guide: NFT Marketplace Portion

Drop in Portion

To attract more attention, certain drops on the platform allow users to get free NFTs. They can be used to earn money by selling them. However, before you start participating in these drops, it's important to make sure that the given token is needed by other people. For instance, if the given token is appreciated or developed, then it's probably a good idea to participate in the drops. However, it's not always possible to make a living from these drops.

Although you can earn money by selling the PRT token, it's important to note that this isn't the case for everyone. Since these are only given to those who need them, it's generally a good idea to only participate in drops if there is a prospect of appreciation or development. It's also hard to make a living from these drops, as you need to participate in all of the other NFT platforms.

Detailed Guide: NFT Marketplace Portion

Due to the increasing popularity of NFT tokens, artists are already using Portion to sell their works of art. The platform allows them to easily sell their creations and provide a convenient way for people to earn money from their works. Although the set of tools that Portion provides is quite limited, everyone can still use it and put their creations up for auction.