What is Cryptopayment?

Cryptopayment.link that’s service  where payments are made directly from the client's crypto wallet to yours for free and non-custodial

  • quickly create a very simple crypto payment request
  • show at point of sale
  • share as link via Email or message.

You'll automatically get notified when a payment has been made. You don’t need any installations and plugins.

Who is it for?

Freelancers and small business owners who are open to accepting their crypto payments.

Сryptopayment tutorial

I wanna demonstrate to you how you can use cryptopayment.link to charge your customers Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is designed for if you have a service or product or really anything else to offer,  you want to charge your customers with crypto - this service is a great solution.

So, the first step is going to the site cryptopayment.link

Enter what you’re going to get paid for and below enter the price of this item, for example, 10 dollars. In this field you can select between USD and Euros depending on where you’re. Click next.

Cryptopayment: How to Use?

Next, enter your brand’s name and then your email. This necessary for receiving an email when the payment has been made.

The next part, where you enter the address for the different cryptos. So, right here enter your NIM address and then down here your Bitcoin address and Ethereum address.

Cryptopayment.link how to use?

If the browser where you’re doing this, you’re logged into your Nimic accounts within the Nimix safe. Then can just click Select and choose address here. If not,  just copy and paste it.

But if you even don’t have an account, you can create it right here, very simple. Enter your Bitcoin address and then Ethereum address.

Cryptopayment.link how to use?

By the way, your Bitcoin along Ethereum addresses are optional. You've created the link

And from here we can see the link, copy it by convenient copy link button or click for pulling up the QR which you can scan within camera of your phone

Cryptopayment.link how to use?

The service helps you create or enter your Crypto wallet accounts, calculates the correct amount in BTC, ETH or NIM your customer needs to pay at the time of payment, and monitors the respective Blockchain