What is Cool Cats NFT?

Cool Cats is a popular collection of cryptopunks and boring monkeys. The collection consists of 9.999 blue-haired cats generated on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a family-oriented project whose mission, as the creators themselves say, is to bring positive to the NFT ecosystem. The project is designed to the smallest detail, well-designed features like bodies, faces, hats, glasses, clothes and much more. Cats are divided into the following groups: “wild”, “cool” and “exotic” ranking them according to quality and coolness.

This character classification system was borrowed from the already famous CryptoPunks. Cooltopia is the official name of the nft kitty ecosystem, consisting of a community on Twitter and Discord, access to the marketplace - Cool Shop and other virtual places where owners can communicate and get additional chips. For example, an exclusive role in the Cool Cats Discord channel, which will help you become an active part of the group and interact and build relationships with other members.

Cooltopia also offers games, tokens, social events of interest, collaborations, collaborations that will entertain and benefit and expand the assets of the holders. The team gives complete freedom of expression, but it should be remembered that the team also has the right to use any cat for marketing, merchandising, etc.

For one simple reason, nft cats have caused a big boom in digital nft avatars frenzy in the industry.Although the project was not initially a failure and was well received by the NFT community, its wild popularity and success has grown exponentially thanks to the support of celebrities. One of the first was boxer Mike Tyson, who turned Cool Cats into his social media avatar, namely on Twitter. After such a boom, many stars such as DJ Steve Aoki, actress Reese Witherspoon, Alexis Ohanian decided to purchase their own NFT cats

Cool Pets Collection

Cool Pets is a companion collection to Cool Cat built on the popularity of the project and designed to further expand the characters and community. The collection consisted of 19.999 adorable pets, half of which are for public sale and the rest of 50% for Cool Cats owners. A feature of Cool Pets characters is that they are born from an egg, and food and other items given to them by their owners determine their appearance and additional attributes.

In addition, characters can evolve into the elements: Water, Fire, Air or Grass, depending on how their owners take care of them. Also, in order to entertain yourself, Cool Pets offers participation in the quests: “Greet the frogs”, “Meet the townspeople”, “Save the forest”, “Smell the danger”, which allow you to win milk luxemes.

Cool Cats in the Times

The well-known publishing magazine The Times has entered into a partnership agreement with a collection of nft cats dedicated to the theme of time. The collection features over 400 images of cool cats reading their Times magazines in different and sometimes incomprehensible places. Team Cool Cats Williamson, Mehwe, Egan, Luza were also the ones who created the unique collection. It should be noted that these NFTs were not sold directly to collectors, but instead were sold as part of a competition from the Times, the conditions of which were to create a creative meme for collaboration. There were 8 winners in total, and those who participated in the event received the remaining 392 NFTs through a lottery.

MILK Token

Milk Token is a Cool Cats social token that allows holders to purchase items, battle chests, pets, and housing, as well as use it as a currency for quests.

Where to buy NFTs Cool Cats?

Right now, Cool Cats can only be purchased from secondary markets such as OpenSea. As of July 2022, the minimum price for a cat is 7.88 ETH, approximately $27,000.

The Future of Cool Cats

In March, the Cool Cats signed a very significant contract with CAA, an LA talent agency. Which means guaranteed growth and the search for new areas for growth and development of a collection of cool cats in various areas, including licensing and menchandising, partnerships, collabs, animations, events, publishing, etc. Cool Cats Cool Pets are just the first part of the huge Cototopia ecosystem that the founders have planned. Joining the CAA will only expand their capabilities.

Cool Cats has already laid a solid foundation for its further development, thanks to celebrities, utilities and strong companions. We can confidently say that by continuing to develop its current position, the collection will definitely stay in the top and further strengthen its position in the market