Cesar Pelizer is an illustrator and animation director. He was born in Brazil in 1988, currently lives and works in London. His life has always been surrounded by comics, magazines and cartoons which certainly sparked his interest in illustration and animation from an early age.

Set against colorful backgrounds, his work always pushes the boundaries of 3D and is often described as surrealist, bold and colorful. Even though it may, at first glance, seem static, his work is always marked by real energy.

César’s creations are always able to blur the boundaries of dreams and reality, what is possible and what is impossible, also through the use of completely unexpected elements and details which, from an exclusively logical point of view, would be impossible to approach.

Cesar Pelizer's work is famous and extremely appreciated all over the world; the artist is mentioned in various interviews, critical studies, mentions and prestigious international magazines, as well as having collaborated with important brands including, by way of example, MTV, The New York Times and Businessweek.

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