Cassiopeus is a Digital Artist specializing in retro-punk and dark surrealism. Currently he’s exploring the possibilities of NFTs. His most successful ongoing project is Bio_Machina, in which he is delving into the dystopia where human and machine merged into one organism. The series is portraying a surreal fashion-like beauty from the dark future. Bold contrasting colors and vulnerable melancholic poses. Cassiopeus likes pushing the artistic boundaries of his own media.

©Cassiopeus, NFT,

As title of this piece suggests, this Machina represents the crypto culture - more precise the NFT culture. Lot's of easter eggs hidden in this Machina headgear. Featuring Tungsten Cube, Punks, Cool Cats, Nouns and many more./Zoom in for more details/.

©Cassiopeus, NFT,

"Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony. " Equalization is part of BALANCE triptych. This triptych depicts a state of the mind, a state where everything is in harmony"

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