Camibus was born in the Transylvania city of Romania. She began her journey in the visual arts about ten years ago. It’s really surprising that she never drew when she was a child. In the final year of college, she worked as a clean-up artist at an animation studio. Camibus began drawing and painting at the age of 21. It was because of her boyfriend, who was also an artist, albeit an insanely talented one. She was enthralled by his work.

Camibus heard about cryptoart in late January 2021, when someone invited her artist boyfriend to exhibit his work at a Decentraland gallery. Camibus was intrigued and read everything about cryptoart the next day. She minted some items and sold her first piece on Opensea. When Foundation first launched, Camibus struggled to get an invite and minted her first piece on March 6th. She had already sold three NFTs by the time the gallery opened.

Camibus didn’t have a style when she first started selling NFTs. The NFT newbie mostly drew cute cartoonish art, but she always felt like people didn’t take her seriously with it. Why surrealism? Well, Camibus has been a fan of iconic Salvador Dali since she was a child, and his work has always fascinated her.

“I wanted my art to be inspired by his legacy but I didn’t want it to be an imitation,” she notes. Surreal art appeals to her because Camibus believes it is the ultimate purpose of art to represent our strange dream-like thoughts.

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Ξthereal NFT is one of Camibus’s favorite artworks. Ξthereal is also her highest priced sale, and it has almost perfect execution, according to Camibus. The character’s flesh, the lighting, the concept, and the composition, literally everything about the artwork screams masterpiece.

In this NFT the universe is depicted as a black canvas with stars and the moon on top. The piece was inspired by Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

The fabric of space-time, which replaces the theory of gravity as a force, is frequently depicted in this manner. Camibus took it a step further by making it more artistic, but this is where the idea came from.

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CΞNSORΞD NFT collection was created following Camibus’s suspension from Twitter. Being censored for her art and fearing for her career was obviously a traumatic experience for Camibus.

The series is inspired by the three wise monkeys and is a criticism of Twitter for ignoring her appeals while allowing real adult content on their platform and banning artists for their artworks.

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