American,b. 1990  —  After studying photojournalism at Kent State University, DiDonato developed a body of personal work questioning the notion of realism induced by the photographic medium. Her images propose scenes of everyday life distorted by visual anomalies and bathed in a pastel universe that evokes the American dream of the fifties. Extreme landscapes—corn fields and cacti, a drainage pipe and a lonely desert—as well as domestic spaces, stand in for the subconscious mind. The pictures become fantastic as environments hide or subsume the human figures.

Her series of self-portraits “A House Is Not a Home” has been exhibited throughout the US (The Fence) and is included in the permanent collection at the Southeast Museum of Photography. Her work has also been exhibited internationally, most recently at the KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art in Berlin and the Delphian Gallery in London.

©Brooke DiDonato, NFT,

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

©Brooke DiDonato, NFT,

Grief is softer the second time around

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