NFT is a modern and very promising niche in the field of investment, which allows you to multiply your capital tenfold. If you are an investor and are planning your activities in the crypto field, then it is extremely important for you to understand minting and how it works so as not to lose your investments.

Minting is essentially the purchase of NFT at the start of sales at the lowest price. To fit into the minting, you must first of all subscribe to all possible social networks of the project and expect the announcement of that very cherished link to minting a few minutes before the start of sales. There you can conclude a smart contract almost for free.

Brief tutorial: How to mint your NFT?

Conditions for mint

Do not forget to replenish the wallet in advance so that there is the necessary amount for the mint token so that there are no epic fails. On Ethereum, the price tag for the initial purchase reaches 0.2 Ether, and if the project you are interested in on Solana is usually up to 1 unit of the crypt. Already a few hours after the start of sales, the price of the collection and individual NFT tokens increases several times. Of course, if you purchased a real project, and not a fake. And here are a few steps on how to check the project for honesty before its mint.

Checking the project

1. We look at the site and check it for errors. We check all links to social networks, whether they are correct, whether it is possible to link a wallet to the site. Does the name of the site match the contacts and all the texts on the site.

2. We study the project roadmap. This is what goals the project sets for itself and what has already been achieved. It is important to see if the project team has at least one achieved result.Or everything they talked about was just words and overdue deadlines.

3. We check the mentions of the project in social networks. To do this, you can simply copy the name of the startup and google it. Perhaps this way you will understand that you were on a duplicate or copy of the site page.

4. We check the number of subscribers of the project in Discord and Twitter. These are the main social networks for NFT analysis.

Brief tutorial: How to mint your NFT?


After you have decided on the project you want to invest in, pay attention to the main site timer. There you will see when sales start. And if there are only a few seconds left, then have time to purchase tokens before they run out. By the way, already experienced investors use special bots that will click on the coveted button faster than they and their competitors do.

And the most important advice for minting tokens is to use separate wallets for them with a minimum of crypts for minting NFT, so that if something happens, you will lose only this amount, and not all your cryptocurrency savings. There are fakes that even experienced investors in the NFT world cannot distinguish, so it is important to keep a cool head and remember about safety, even if this NFT project is a startup of your good friend.