Quality of drawing

The first thing you should pay attention to is how well your work is rendered. If you spent a couple of evenings on its creation, then it will be very noticeable. Do not try to sell such work as something incredibly large-scale, the buyer perfectly sees and notices the professionalism and quality of the work performed

Briefly Guide: How to Value your NFT


When exhibiting your work on OpenSea, expect strong price fluctuations - from 0.005 ETH to several tens of ethers. If you exhibit your work on Foundation or SuperRare, then there is no point in setting a minimum price. Generative collections are usually not published on these marketplaces. Art is published there - cool, strong and high-quality. But if you have confirmed the application for exhibiting the work on the SuperRare marketplace, then you can no doubt indicate a high sale price.

Briefly Guide: How to Value your NFT


Works on the Polygon blockchain often start at the lowest price. Sometimes even for 0.005 ETH other artists can buy such works from you to support you. In addition, there is no gas fee at Polygon. On the Ethereum blockchain, where there is a gas fee, things are a little more complicated. If your work will cost less than gas, then what's the point of taking it. Therefore, do not put too low a price on this blockchain.

Don't forget utility

Finally, let's remember the most important thing - the benefits that NFTs bring. If your tokens have a certain value (service, staking, game, charity, etc.), then feel free to indicate the appropriate price for sale.
Talk about the benefits of your NFTs to future buyers. When a potential buyer finds out what they will receive, then the chances of a purchase increase.

Briefly Guide: How to Value your NFT

Don't try to earn everything at once

Be objective when evaluating your work - and then everything will work out. And remember that even really cool works may not be bought for months. Therefore, if you are confident in the coolness of your work, do not rush to reduce the price.