The launch gamers have been waiting for!

HoneyWood is based entirely on a separate and dedicated blockchain. They provide to our users that the gameplay experience is key for our development team. However, it also boasts some cool Play-To-Earn mechanics found in-game by giving users the opportunity to both Stake and Farm.

Blockchain game — HoneyWood

Game Legend:
Once upon a time, hard-working bears appeared in desolate territories. They got busy with planting trees, building apiaries, breeding bees, getting honey, and they gradually turned the deserted lands into a wonderful world called Honey Wood.

Bears enjoy getting together and playing forest games, even in games competing with one another in collecting goodies, but they began to notice that the more numerous they became, the amount of oxygen declined, so the flowers gave less nectar.

There was only one way to handle the situation – planting more and more trees. Since then, there is a tradition – each bear planting a new tree on his fiefdom receives some honey in gratitude from other bears.

Honeywood strives to create a system of a self-organized system. There are only two native coins: HoneyCoin and CONE.


The game's main currency, which will be listed on exchanges. The starting issue of HoneyCoin is 287 966 667 coins. Coins will be sold on the exchanges. New HoneyCoin coins will be generated by players when farming. Most of the HoneyCoin will be offered to players. Not only players will buy coins, but also investors who will never play. Nevertheless, we will actively list HoneyCoin on exchanges, and attract the attention of players and investors alike. We reserve the right to use HoneyCoin to promote the project.


A coin for staking and management. New coins will only be generated by players when planting trees. The number of coins will get bigger and bigger, automatically diluting the company's share and bringing the game closer to decentralization. It’s planning to achieve full decentralization in 1 year. Through this process, HoneyWood will be fully controlled by CONE holders.

Blockchain game — HoneyWood

HoneyWood’s features:

  • Separate blockchain. Low fees and high capacity for the best gameplay.
  • Variety of play-to-earn mechanics: PvP Battles, Farming, Staking, NFT. The player can mine and win the HoneyСoin cryptocurrency during the game.
  • Become a co-owner of the game and receive income from game commissions!

    100% of the commission fees paid by the players for game transactions are distributed among СONE holders in staking.

    50% of the commission fees off the cost of game objects are also distributed among СONE holders in staking; the remaining 50% get burned.
  • Interesting multi-gameplay. Popular casual mechanics with the ability to implement your own games in the future.
  • Part of the Moneta Today cross-chain ecosystem. Support from the entire ecosystem, whereby gamers receive benefits and bonuses.
  • Self-organized economy. The Game's economic system is built with a balance of all gaming and earning opportunity.