An Ethereum (ETH) wallet owned by actor Bill Murray was hacked hours after receiving funds from an NFT auction inspired by his life. On September 2, CoinDesk reported that the actor lost 119.2 ETH from the auction, although an investigation is ongoing to identify the perpetrator.

Etherscan network analysis data indicates that the hacker began receiving funds on September 1st. In addition, the actor's team noted that the hacker tried to steal about 800 NFTs from Murray's personal collection, but the attempt was thwarted. After the attempt, the actor's wallet security team at NFT consulting platform Project Venkman moved the collection to a pair of secure wallets.

Initial investigations show that the hacker transferred the stolen funds to an address associated with the Binance and Union Chain crypto exchange. At the same time, it is not yet clear how the hacker managed to gain access to the funds. Most of the remaining collectibles were due to be sold next week along with other NFTs the actor owns through his business partners. NFTs from the collection include exclusive anecdotes and stories from Murray.

The actor's team also filed a police report following the incident to launch an investigation. The NFT auction ended on August 31st as part of a fundraising effort for the Chive Charity Initiative. The proceeds were used to support the care of a three-year-old girl, identified as Evelyn, who is battling the effects of a rare CLDN5 gene mutation and intractable epilepsy.

Interestingly, after the loss, a Coinbase user sent 120 ETH to Chive charities to reimburse the lost amount.