The game is designed so that players without any prior knowledge of blockchain technology will be able to collect NFTs that have real value.

The mission of the game is to uncover a mysterious threat that breaks the walls of time and destroys history in a completely unexpected way. Traveling through the world of Big Time, players will collect rare and exotic items from all corners of space and time in the form of NFTs.

Big Time

The use of NFTs in any games allows true ownership of virtual items. NFTs bring tangible value to game components and provide players with a new level of flexibility and security.

Unlike traditional games, in which the content of the game inventory belongs to the company that created the game itself, the NFT technology in the Big Time game will give players true ownership of in-game items, game users will be able to buy, sell and exchange these assets.

Earlier games on the blockchain required users to set up their own wallet (which must be downloaded, usually as a browser extension), secure a private key (if lost, assets would be irretrievably lost), and transact on the network by paying a high price. commission.

Big Time

Big Time Studios has developed a new technology to address exactly these issues. Developers will provide and host internal digital wallets for players. Assets will be stored in their secure vault, ensuring instant transfers and low costs.

For new users of the game, such a system would be an ideal NFT experience, allowing the mass market to own NFTs. And advanced users will be able to transfer in-game NFTs to their own NFT-enabled wallets.

According to the creators, in the future, on the official Big Time Marketplace, users will be able to purchase NFTs using debit, credit cards, bank transfers, as well as using cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin and USDC. It will also be possible to purchase and sell gaming NFTs on other marketplaces.

Big Time

Early Access to Big Time

Early access to the Big Time game will be available to users who purchase one of the 12,000 VIP passes in the following categories: gold, silver and jade.

Let's look at these categories in more detail:

Gold VIP Pass (Gold VIP Access). Gives players the earliest guaranteed access to the game. This, in turn, gives players an advantage in accessing in-game content where in-game NFTs can be found. Golden VIP Passes will give the earliest access to the first 1000 players. Gold VIP Pass Beta Early Access was released on April 19, 2022.

The Silver VIP Access unlocks 3,000 players for the next access, which will be available 4 weeks after the Gold VIP Access is unlocked.

The Jade VIP Access unlocks the next 8,000 players early access, which will be available 3 weeks after Silver VIP Access is unlocked.

Big Time

You can purchase VIP passes on OpenSea, Binance. Binance has the lowest prices, starting at 179 busd for the Jade VIP Pass, 299 busd for the Silver VIP Pass, and 499 busd for the Gold VIP Pass. VIP passes (Gold VIP Access, Silver VIP Access, Jade VIP Access) can also be purchased from the Big Time Marketplace. However, minimum prices on the Big Time Marketplace range from $350 for a jade VIP pass to $6,990 for a gold one.

Carefully! Skam versions of passes have already appeared on OpenSea, you need to purchase only through links from official sources. After purchasing a VIP pass, you can activate it on the official website and join the beta version of the Big Time game.

Once the VIP Pass Early Access ends (10 weeks after the Gold VIP Pass Early Access opens), anyone can join the game. Early access to the beta version of the game with gold VIP passes was opened on April 19, 2022.

Big Time

Big Time Token

Players will earn Big Time Tokens by fighting throughout the game, defeating enemies, and completing dangerous quests. According to the creators, tokens can be used to buy ultra-rare and exclusive NFTs, improve gaming conditions, and also sell them. The creators of the game note that there will be no initial offer or pre-sale of tokens to anyone, including the development team. The main way to get tokens will be only the game. The in-game token, according to the preliminary statements of the creators, will be launched when the VIP pass early access phase comes to an end.

Team Big Time

Big Time Studios has recruited an all-star team of gaming industry veterans from the likes of Epic Games, Blizzard, EA and Riot. Individually, they have contributed to some of the most famous franchises in gaming history, including Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, and Overwatch, just to name a few.