What is Azuki NFT Collection?

Azuki is an NFT anime collection of 10,000 avatars released by a group of artists based in Los Angeles called Chiru Labs on January 12, 2022.
These avatars have unique characteristics based on anime-themed drawings that have caught the attention of the entire crypto space.

Azuki Collection

The first batch of 8,700 Azuki NFTs sold out in four minutes. It was one of the fastest NFT selloffs in history, with a total valuation of $29 million. A few days later, several more Azuki NFTs from the collection raised $2 million in a private sale. Then four weeks later, around February 15, Azuki surpassed lines like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes with a record $300 million in total sales.

While CryptoPunks and BAYC have achieved an astronomical $1 billion in trading volume throughout their history and occupy the top two spots in terms of trading volume of all time, Azuki has made significant headway, earning $300 million in just 30 days.

Azuki NFT Collection: Why is collection so popular?

Azuki calls themselves "the skaters of the internet" and reportedly wants the line to eventually evolve into an animated series, launch games, and produce exclusive merchandise. All Azuki have different traits in regards to hair, backgrounds, clothing, and various wearable devices - some Azuki hold various items. For example, swords, a fan, a boombox, coffee or a cigarette.

Forbes devoted an entire article to these tokens, where they analyzed such a rapid growth in the popularity of the collection.The creators themselves believe that such success is due to Asian buyers who liked the anime aesthetics of art. Azuki ownership grants the user access to exclusive NFT drops, streetwear collaborations, live events and more as they become members of The Garden.

The goal of the team is to make Azuki the most powerful decentralized brand in the Metaverse, which will ensure greater participation in the ecosystem. With a collection of 10.000 avatars you will have access to The Garden, a social network for web designers, artists and wizards.

How and where to buy Azuki

In early January, Azuki's stock was at its peak and quickly sold out. Now, in order to buy NFT, you will have to scour the secondary markets in order to protect yourself. They are currently holding an impressive 12.5 ETH and have a stable volume of sales. You can see all azuki available for sale on the OpenSea page.
When most new projects are an instant success, a second collection is usually on the horizon. There were no ads, but this might be your best way to get into The Garden, especially if these floor prices continue to move the way they are.

Azuki NFT Collection: Why is collection so popular?

How much is Azuki

When they launched, the anime-styled characters known as Azuki cost $3,400 each. In less than a month and a half, the most expensive NFT Azukis cost about half a million dollars. Even the cheapest models sold for around $40,000.
The Azuki hype seems to have died down a bit for the moment though NFTpricefloor.com still ranks them 8th in terms of minimum capitalization. As with any other cryptocurrency or NFT project, prices are volatile

Some investors believe that the quality of Azuki is relatively higher than the rest. Others feel that the sophisticated filters for sorting NFTs by criteria such as hat type, facial expression, and others, available in the gallery on Azuki's website, are of some value.

Arnold Tsang, one of the founders of Chiru Labs, which created Azukis, believes that “the rebellious culture of skateboarders” is the basis of their project and what connects cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. But one of the most significant reasons, perhaps, for the growing interest in Azuki is the insatiable demand for anime art.

The answer regarding the secret of the success of the Azuki collection cannot be given even by its creators. They did not expect that they would cause such a resonance in the market. One of the team members suggests that the most profitable financial transactions associated with this collection were carried out with the participation of Asian investors. This is due to the fact that they, like no one else, appreciate digital art and see great prospects in it.

Should I buy Azuki NFT in 2022?

Within months of its launch, Azuki was able to dominate the NFT market through its sales and sales volumes. Given the collection's explosive debut on the NFT charts, it's clear that NFT enthusiasts should start collecting Azuki as soon as possible so that they can then demand the amount they want from potential buyers of these tokens.