I'm Ash - a hybrid creator utilising technology and code to create digital art for the blockchain and beyond

A family of portraits that aim to provoke thought around the idea of 'self', and the many fragmented layers that develop throughout our lives.

©Ash White, NFT, https://superrare.com/ashwhite

The silence is deafening. Without you. My best friend. One of only two. The first. I remember bringing you home that day. A cautious bundle of fur. I wonder how you must have felt, removed from your root by strangers, not knowing the love you were entering into. I feel guilty of that. But also grateful. For what you taught me. For what you bring to my life still – Love. Because, love is long. It’s lasting. It drives all. And, even in your gentle paw and your silent stare, I felt yours. I still feel it. I know you feel mine too. I carry that always. As I carry everything that comes from your absence. It’s heavy. A weight only your presence could lessen, but one I will endure as long as hope exists of your return. To me. Everyday. More and more. I miss you.

Utilising Machine Learning, 'Teleido' is a series of 1/1 fractured memories interpreted through a kaleidoscopic GAN lens, that capture snapshots from a life that once was but is no more.

A series of figurative works that present our historically fluid definition of what constitutes beauty and how it has led to a rise in body dysmorphia.

©Ash White, NFT, https://superrare.com/ashwhite

The enchantress Circe, with a potent wine, Transformed her hapless lovers into swine; But you, dear lady, it occurs to me, Have not the slightest need of sorcery.

©Ash White, NFT, https://superrare.com/ashwhite

In order to make space for the new, we must first make peace with the old and close the door on that which no longer serves us. We all share one home, Earth; and our aim must be to protect it from anything that threatens it - even if that is from ourselves. We cannot discount the advancements made, in part, to the extraction of the worlds resources, but in such rapid progression our practices have become more aggressive and at a significant cost to our ecosystem. We should be accountable for the debt we owe and open and active to ways we can meaningfully repay.

Ending the love affair we have with fossil fuels can help steer us from irrevocable damage. Our reliance on these toxicities have wreaked havoc on the natural world and at a rate we cannot sustain. ‘Affairwell’ closes a successful 2021 and acts as my first statement of intent for 2022 and beyond. The physical and digital carbon footprint from this piece of art will be measured as adequately and efficiently as possible and offset responsibly and sustainably.

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