Artby Nafay is a 24 year old professional digital artist and album cover artist working with talented electronic musician artist and labels such as Mr Suicide Sheep, Monster Cat. Currently working as an Art Director in a local company based in Karachi. We love the way that ArtbyNafay combines beautiful hues and colors to draw the viewer in to specific elements in the NFTs.

©Art By Nafay, NFT,

While they walked towards the fallen ether, they were shocked to see it was still breathing, in sync with nature stronger than ever.

©Art By Nafay, NFT,

“We walk from darkness to light, From light back to darkness again, From unknown to known, Known back to unknown” ― Eric Overby The myth of Floating Illuminated Crystal was finally solved when the ether showed itself to the traveler and his pet companion who spent days in the motel trying to get the answers.
Traveler was now surrounded by darkness yet enfolded in light".

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