Anna Láng is Hungarian illustrator and art director based in Italy (Sardinia & Milan). She studied graphic design for 10 years and after my degree I worked for various agencies in Budapest and Milan. Anna loved the "agency life" but also started to make illustrations what  became hobby and passion immediately.

She's currently collaborating as an illustrator with several publishing houses (White Star Kids - Italy, Fleurus Editions - France, Liget Műhely - Hungary, Manó Könyvek - Hungary, Kolibri Kiadó - Hungary, Móra Könyvkiadó - Hungary), and working on different branding projects for small businesses as a graphic designer and art director.

©Anna Láng, NFT,

'Stay strong!'
We hear these words so many times, especially in the toughest moments of our life and it’s meant to be supportive, but often it also doesn’t leave much space to show vulnerability or sadness. It turns into a constant pressure that forces people to stuck into situations that are destructive, and sometimes even dangerous for them.

I’m using a feminine character on this piece, as usual, but I want to focus the attention to the problem that has no gender and happens to every human being.

©Anna Láng, NFT,

Purple Collection. A collection of unique artworks by Anna Láng which have a special relationship with the purple lately, can’t really explain it. Using purple in my art makes my drawing process both calming and stimulating, it almost becomes a spiritual experience. This collection is about women and their inner purple light.

“Purple puts us in touch with the part of ourselves that is regal. Purple is the queen in all women; it helps us keep our backs straight and heads held high.”

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