NFT is not just a series of meaningless pictures for an imaginary artificial currency, not even just a digital gallery, but a full-fledged work that can bring more than satisfactory income and popularity. However, many users have a vague idea of what NFT is. Moreover, the ways of earning on it are incomprehensible.

Let's look at all the possible ways to make money on NFT and how to do it.

1) NFT Airdrops - this is a free distribution of cryptocurrencies, tokens or NFTs, which can be obtained by completing a certain list of actions

3 type of Airdrop:

  • Airdrop for NFT holders. NFT projects can give out various goodies to attract the attention of the community and investors. The only condition is to be the NFT holder of this project. For example. One of the most popular NFT projects Bored Apes has pleased its holders. The owners of the "bored monkeys" were given "sera" that turned their monkeys into uniquely different mutants. There was an offer of 269 ETH (around $900,000) on the market for a monkey owner who received a free serum.
Special "Bored Monkeys" collection
  • NFT platform airdrop. Giveaways from marketplaces. If you have become an early adopter of a blockchain-based marketplace - developers will give you a gift. It doesn’t even matter whether you buy something on this site, sell it or create it. For example, such huge platforms as Rarible and SuperRare.
  • Airdrop for everyone. NFT projects in the early stages use this way to attract attention. In order to get the long-awaited NFT for nothing, you need to fulfill certain conditions, which are usually limited to a subscription to the project's twitter and discord. For example of perhaps the biggest giveaway. The CryptoPunks project in 2017 arranged the distribution of 5000 NFT copies absolutely free of charge, users were only required to pay for the “minting” of objects.

2) Create your own NFT.

This method is not suitable for beginners. It occurred to every person in this field to create their own product based on the blockchain. However, there are millions of works on the sites that have not found a response from investors. In the future, the I will write an article where we will tell you how to create and implement your NFT project step by step. In the meantime, you should just know that this way of earning is available to everyone. In the next article, we will step by step analyze how to create your own NFT.

3) Blockchain games

Play and earn money, yes, that is one way!

Players can receive various NFT items for their achievements in the game, which can later be sold on secondary markets. In addition, traders are engaged in the sale and purchase of in-game items on secondary markets, fixing profits. Perhaps the most successful project in this area is Axie Infinity. The total sales of in-game items is $1,381,429,245. And a million players today have a stable income thanks to this game. Axi, in addition, has its own AXS tokens, which the developers also distributed to users.

4) NFT trading on marketplaces

Everything is extremely simple here - you buy cheaper, you sell more expensive. Pure speculation. I don't see the point in stopping with this way.

5) Staking

Staking is a way of passive income, in which holders pledge their NFTs, thereby ensuring the efficiency of the blockchain. For this, investors receive their well-deserved rewards.

As you can see, there are many ways, choose which one you like and join the world of NFT.